Mardi Gras

For the Mardi Gras celebration this year, we had an excellent turn out! With all the mystery and suspense, people were even waiting outside the door. Purple, green, and gold filled the air, balloons were up, the doors were open, and the party began! We had noisemakers all around. We commenced the face painting while people entered for those residents that felt extra adventurous and wanted something a little more unique and a part of them than a mask with feathers. We had tiny gold, green, and purple hats for those who wanted a sophisticated party look. We even had a whole table of ladies wearing hats to get in the spirit. Beads were a must! We crafted personalized bead necklaces that morning so people wore those and came back to the party. Then we had all colors of beads spread around tables with the various noisemakers and favors.

We stayed true to tradition; the whole room was practically purple, gold, and green. Even our dip with chips and dip needed to be green and purple! The cake was amazing and festive. It even had its own feather mask. While everyone was served refreshments, jazz and big band music reverberated throughout the dining room for all to enjoy.
The noisemakers were going, the music was hopping, the drinks were flowing, the beads were slinging, the feather boa’s were twirling, and everyone enjoyed themselves!