From day to day we work with people who seem to us destined for a mediocre lot in life. May I offer a unique story.

Jim worked on a ranch for a considerable time. He performed his jobs faithfully. But no one thought he would make a great mark in life.

About this time, the ranch owner became concerned since Jim and his daughter were developing a very close friendship. The rancher was determined that she must meet and marry someone who would really amount to something. So he arranged for Jim to be transferred to another job several hundred miles away.

The plan worked.

His daughter did finally marry a person who showed more promise. Nothing more was heard of Jim. But as the years went by, his talents and abilities continued to blossom. People now recognized he possessed special qualities bordering on greatness.

Many years passed. The rancher died. The old barn where Jim had been housed was being torn down. It was then the workmen discovered some initials carved on a large beam above the hayloft where Jim had slept as a boy – J.A.G. Upon inquiry, it was learned they belonged to a person now famous.

He had definitely made his mark in the world. James A. Garfield, President of the United States of America.

We must always keep in mind never to sell anyone short…