Greeneville’s elders, staff, and volunteers went mad over the Twisted Grilled Cheese challenge! Several elders enjoyed providing their unique input on what they thought a twisted grilled cheese should consist of. All sorts of creative ingredient ideas were suggested, ranging from tomatoes, peppers, and even bologna.

We had so much fun during our tasting event, where we twisted everyone’s ideas and sampled different variations to concoct the ultimate grilled cheese. After tasting all the different ingredient variations, we decided to combine two different original grilled cheese recipes to come up with the ultimate Twisted Grilled Cheese.

After we finalized our Twisted Grilled Cheese recipe, we held a Mad Hatter themed event to celebrate and taste our mad but tasty Twisted Grilled Cheese. The elders were eager to go right to work creating all sorts of artistically twisted hats for the occasion. During the event, all of the elders donned unique hats designed to represent their own twisted and unique personalities.

One particular elder, Marie Miller, stated “I worked as a CNA for 36 years in the Greeneville nursing homes and I must say Signature has the best program in the area. The staff here makes our life more fun and meaningful than any other that I have seen.”

During the event, Buck Householder–Greeneville’s Rehab Manager who is very health conscious–participated in this tasting event and expressed his approval by even coming back for seconds! The aroma and words of approval traveled fast throughout our home as staff members made their way for this special Mad Hatter and Twisted Grilled Cheese tasting event. However, we realized we had really nailed the ultimate Twisted Grilled Cheese recipe when elder Andrew Steele, who had previously insisted that adding bologna was the best idea, stated “I change my mind, that was the best grilled cheese!” The elders beamed with excitement as they soaked in every ounce of praise for their tasty twisted grilled cheese concoction.

The teamwork and unity of the elders, staff, and family members made this event very successful for our home. Winning the Twisted Grilled Cheese challenge would allow us to encompass this type of camaraderie more often using the induction cooktop to concoct recipes by exploring the ideas of the elders. We are thankful to have been given the opportunity to succeed in engaging our elders in this amazing event. We look forward to future unique opportunities to enhance the quality of life of our elders here in Greeneville, Tennessee.

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